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I am a historian working in the intersection of early modern art, science, and the book. More specifically, my research interests include the subjects of botanical illustration and the picturing of natural history, the transmission of (visual) knowledge, the processes and techniques of image making, curiosity collections and their role in knowledge production, as well as the material of watercolor and early modern color technology. I currently work as a PhD candidate at Utrecht University in the Netherlands on my project Everlasting Flowers Between the Pages.

My research comprises mostly object-oriented studies, applying the concept and theory of the “biography” of things. The notion of Material and Materiality also plays a central role in my research. Methodologically, I explore my subjects with both Digital Humanities methods (such as using image recognition program to process a large number of images) and performative methods (such as engaging in historical reconstruction, remaking, and reenactment). To follow my current research, visit Blog for regular update on thoughts and findings emerged from the process.

In addition to being a historian, I have a background and training as an illustrator and image maker. While I specialize in transparent watercolor, I enjoy working in multimedia and dimensional works, almost always with paper as the base material. My art projects are often inspired by my historical research, but also by the mundane but wonderful things in life. See Creative Works for a few examples of my artwork.